Sunday, April 22, 2012

Differential Diagnostic

Everything has changed around here.  At least from the "new post" perspective.  It looks somehow clinical...

I live in Beaverton now.  A decent-sized two bedroom two bathroom apartment.  With no furniture other than an air mattress.  Although I tend to use various non-furniture items as furniture, I don't delude myself into believing they count.  Hmmm, anyone have some spare milk crates?

Think I might buy a futon.  But I know very little about them.  You might ask, "What's to know?"  And from my perspective, "A lot."

Dead Man has been a bit of entertainment.  Graphic cannibalism, western insanity, a rotund Indian, some woman-butt, a horse urinating...  What more could one person want?  There are, of course, a few gripes, for instance, how do they get such an uncanny resemblance on the wanted posters?  It's like the best sketch artist in the world was told, "just draw Johnny Depp," and BAM, wanted poster.

I really have nothing insightful to say at this point, and my next post could be a year in the future, who knows.


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