Tuesday, September 11, 2012

StarCity Open - Portland

Just going to post the summary.  I had written down a lot of details, but when I failed to reach the finish line, and possibly due to my mistake...  Well, at least there's this:

Anyway. If a few people want some details, or run-downs, I can probably provide. But not for some amorphous mass of net-crawling spider-bots. No way. Also, I know the formatting on this site is tragic... I'd fix it if I had the viewership or time. Or just an excess of either.

Friday, September 07, 2012

PTQ: Portland (Sat. August 4th, 2012)

That was my performance for the event.  I received a small prize, but it didn't quite cover the cost of entry.  Hopefully my performance tomorrow is substantially better.  Now a quick run-down of my matches, even though the details have faded considerably.  I had planned on writing this sooner...

Round 1 (10:31AM):

My first match was basically a bye against a new player testing out a Vampire deck in a big tournament.  The deck was Br.
Game 1:
My life: 18  13  11
Her life: 20
Infect: 1  4  6  14
Game 2:
My life: 18  16  14
Her life: 22
Infect: 18

Apparently  I hit her with an ichor claw that was pumped up by wild defiance, I had written down 4/4 8/8 and 18.

Round 2 (11:40AM):

My second match was against a Delver player.
Game 1:
My life: 20
His life: 20  18 16  14
Infect: 5  6  7  8  11
Gutshot on first attack, titanic glistener in response
 Game 2:
Mull to 5 (bad start, one land out of 7,6, and 5 cards)
My life: 20  14  6
His life: 20
Infect: 0
Opponent drops two delvers, both flip.
Opponent cards seen: Restoration Angel, Geist, Mana Leak, Snapcaster

Game 3:
My life: 20  17  14  13
His life: 20 18
Infect: 1 3 6  ?

Round 3 (12:51PM):

First game actually started at 12:57, after reshuffles.  My second match was against a Delver player.
Game 1:
My life: 20
Infect: 6  11
His life: 20
Infect: 2  8  4
Apparently we both mulliganed game 1.
 Game 2:
We both threw back our first hands again.
My life: 20  18  16
Infect: 3
His life: 20
Infect: 4  8  10
Him: Rancor mamba
Me: Apostles protection from artifacts
(My notes don't always make sense in retrospect.)

Game 3:
My life: 20  18
Infect: 1  2  5  7  9
His life: 20
Infect: 8  12
T2: Me, spellskite, mirror, ended
(The numbers don't make it look like this game was as simple as the notes make it sound...)

Round 4 (1:54PM):

My fourth match was against an Esper Midrange deck piloted by Michael Phelps.
Game 1:
My life: 20  19  17  7
His life: 20  18  19
Infect: 1  2  4  5 6
Gutshot, Leak, Sun Titan, Blade Splicers, O-ring
 Game 2:
My life: 20  18  15
His life: 20
Infect: 1  11  10 (That's what was written down...)
Wild defiance out, Doom Blade vs. Guile then Mutagenic
(So likely 1+3+4+5 infect if that was an inkmoth)

Game 3:
My life: 20  18  16  14  12  10  8  6  4
His life: 20 18
Infect: 1 2  5
(Looked grindy, must have been a bad draw for me.  he gutshotted early.)

Round 5 (2:54PM):

My fifth match was against a Red/Green Ramp deck piloted by Trevor.

Game 1:
My life: 20  15  5  3
His life: 20  16  17  23  28 (Dismember, double thragtusk)
Infect: 13
Glistener + titanic + mutagenic w/ wild defiance.

 Game 2:
My life: 20  19  17  13  -1
His life: 20  21  15  9  5  10  12  8  16 (stopped tracking)
Infect: 3
Primeval  titan 4 glimmer kesseg, flipped huntmaster and dismembers caused his life total to fluctuate, but not his poison count.  DID NOT SPELLSKITE KESSEG! (I made a HUGE mistake costing me the game, by not using spellskite to redirect the kesseg wolf run on his final attack. Kesseg for 9)

Game 3:
My life: 20  18 11
His life: 20 21  17  27
Infect: 1  2
2 MANA LOSS (Opening hand had two mana, never drew another)

Round 6 (3:55PM):

My sixth match was against a Pod(?) deck piloted by Tim.

Game 1:
My life: 20  16
His life: 20  22
Infect: 2  10
Opp mulligans, drops blade splicer and huntmaster that game.
I livewire +3 mutagenic growth
 Game 2:
My life: 20
His life: 20
Infect: 5 (That's all that was written down)

(Not sure exactly what happened, no notes on this last game looked extremely quick)

Round 7 (5:05PM):

My seventh and eighth matches were losses.  If you want me to copy the blow-by-blows for the last rounds onto the blog, ask, because I'm out of time right now.  (Email kheremos on google's email service)

Apparently there were many artifacts and a critical mistake involved...

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I will be writing a bit more... soon...

I'm going to use this to give myself a record of my latest hobby/infatuation.  Magic: the Gathering.  I've played it for years, at various levels of seriousness.  But now, this coming weekend, I'm going to be playing for up to 2400$.  That's no joke.  It'll take luck, skill, and all day.  I like my odds, but I wouldn't stake anything significant on it!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Fringe of Reality and Fantasy...

At what point do we give in to the illusions...  Under the black light...  The details will fade quickly, what is one left with?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Google Play? No Way!

Not much time, so I'll fire off six bullets:
  • Google sent me an email regarding a new 'service' they offer, Google Play.
  • The images were blocked by... (wait for it) ...Gmail!  Way to filter your own content.  If you don't trust yourself, why should I?
  • Wow!  What a startling concept!  Way to breach boldly into the gap, luckily for Google there's no such thing as iTunes, Amazon, eBay, etc, etc, etc... (I know etc three times is redundant, but so is the concept of Google Play)
  • "Play all Day" you say?  Who'll put food on my table when I get fired for not working?  Also, does "All Day" only imply daylight hours, or are you suggesting I forgo sleep like I did during my Everquest Days?
  • Special Note: If they'd hired me when I applied, I obviously would have an entirely polar opinion on all of this, hell, there's a chance I'd be on that project!
  • Of course, my above food/work rant doesn't apply to music, as I already play that 'all day'.  
No bonus bullets, how many chambers you think I have?

Friday, June 08, 2012

My Original Plan....

Was to post no less than ten (yes, 10) times this 'eve.  However, when I got home, other habits preempted the charging of my phone.  And, due to the fact that it's already turning yellow as I write this (correcting consummate typos, as well) it clearly will not last, possibly not even to Portland.
Seriously though, where is the charge GOING?  Is it attempting to interface with me?  I swear it was green and 'decent' earlier.  Now I won't know when the last train home is, and might need to catch a cab.  Well, at least I'll get to practice my skillz, and also enhance my skills (although not elevating them to the level where they are deserving of the ULTIMATE letter of the alphabet)
Seriously though, even if you prefer 'x', 'v', or even the humble 'g', I'm pretty sure 'z' is the ultimate letter, literally by definition...
Additional note, my mention of being a street fighter in the previous post, out of context, kinda makes me sound badass.
(underground, so posts fail, but edits do not...)
Edit #2: I bet I could come up with the most awesome semi-legitimate excuses for why I have a black eye...
"Got in a fight, a guy insisted that Fermat's last theorem had been solved, what bull!  So you can understand why the fight started..."
"Well, a guy asked me if I had seen 'Fight Club.' I told him I had, and he took a swing at me!"
"You know how some women just look like angry lesbians?  Well, according to her, I got what I deserved..."

Friday, May 11, 2012


First post from my phone.  Had to install an app.  But my awesome for the day involves the following image.  A single inquiry, from even an anonymous inquirer will yield more details.

...yeah, I think that evening can be categorized as moderately awesome.  And apparently I'm still decent at Street Fighter.