Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hypothetically Awkward

A few quick things...

1) They make a super-sized 32oz can of monster.  So if you hear that I perished of heart failure, I probably exceeded the recommended daily dose.  I'd attach a picture or link, but time is limited.

2) I did buy a futon.  I did not put it together...  Also bought a 10$ couch that is absolutely horrendous looking, but it's been doused in disinfectant, and it's somewhat comfy.

3) After viewing an hour long online course/presentation of sexual harassment early in my training, I know that hitting on co-workers is risky business.  But what if I do it hypothetically?  (As follows..)

12:03 PM Greg
Can I speak with you in a hypothetical context?
12:03 PM Srividya
Absolutely! Do you want to do it in the cafe or in a conf room?
12:03 PM Greg
Haha, no, just via chat is fine =)
12:04 PM Srividya
12:04 PM Greg
So, hypothetically, if someone wanted to get to know you better, how would they go about doing that?

Because game night did not work.
12:04 PM Srividya 

12:04 PM Greg
(I mean, _hypothetically_ game night did not work)
12:05 PM Srividya
a) People usually do not want to get to know me better. b) There is nothing much to me, so whoever is interested will be disappointed.
12:05 PM Greg
You're right, there's not much to you...  You probably only weigh 90 pounds...

But it's not what's outside that counts.
12:07 PM Srividya
All niceties...none true. I like to remain an enigma
12:08 PM Greg
Ok.  Nice to know.  Think that's all, thanks! (OK)

(OK) is an emote of two shaking hands. Figured it was appropriate, other options were a rainbow, a star, or a sun...


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