Friday, June 08, 2012

My Original Plan....

Was to post no less than ten (yes, 10) times this 'eve.  However, when I got home, other habits preempted the charging of my phone.  And, due to the fact that it's already turning yellow as I write this (correcting consummate typos, as well) it clearly will not last, possibly not even to Portland.
Seriously though, where is the charge GOING?  Is it attempting to interface with me?  I swear it was green and 'decent' earlier.  Now I won't know when the last train home is, and might need to catch a cab.  Well, at least I'll get to practice my skillz, and also enhance my skills (although not elevating them to the level where they are deserving of the ULTIMATE letter of the alphabet)
Seriously though, even if you prefer 'x', 'v', or even the humble 'g', I'm pretty sure 'z' is the ultimate letter, literally by definition...
Additional note, my mention of being a street fighter in the previous post, out of context, kinda makes me sound badass.
(underground, so posts fail, but edits do not...)
Edit #2: I bet I could come up with the most awesome semi-legitimate excuses for why I have a black eye...
"Got in a fight, a guy insisted that Fermat's last theorem had been solved, what bull!  So you can understand why the fight started..."
"Well, a guy asked me if I had seen 'Fight Club.' I told him I had, and he took a swing at me!"
"You know how some women just look like angry lesbians?  Well, according to her, I got what I deserved..."


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