Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Google Play? No Way!

Not much time, so I'll fire off six bullets:
  • Google sent me an email regarding a new 'service' they offer, Google Play.
  • The images were blocked by... (wait for it) ...Gmail!  Way to filter your own content.  If you don't trust yourself, why should I?
  • Wow!  What a startling concept!  Way to breach boldly into the gap, luckily for Google there's no such thing as iTunes, Amazon, eBay, etc, etc, etc... (I know etc three times is redundant, but so is the concept of Google Play)
  • "Play all Day" you say?  Who'll put food on my table when I get fired for not working?  Also, does "All Day" only imply daylight hours, or are you suggesting I forgo sleep like I did during my Everquest Days?
  • Special Note: If they'd hired me when I applied, I obviously would have an entirely polar opinion on all of this, hell, there's a chance I'd be on that project!
  • Of course, my above food/work rant doesn't apply to music, as I already play that 'all day'.  
No bonus bullets, how many chambers you think I have?


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