Sunday, May 14, 2006


Ok, my heart is not entirely in this, but it is far overdue...

Born in a large hollow log, name since forgotten, we'll call him Fugglebee.

His parents, forgotten. His home, forgotten. I guess it's hard to write from the drooling thing's point of view, and there's a reason for that.

Fugglebee was born with a special gift. The gift of forgetting. We sometimes wish we could forget bad things that happen to us.

He can. He has. He does.

His parents were slaughtered by a sport-hunter. He forgot about their death. But he didn't forget where he lived at first. Then when he went back there were too many detached memories, so he decided to forget where he lived, too. And he did. So he wanders.

He has relationships, with what creatures, I am not inclined to write about, since I'm not even sure what he/it is myself. But they end poorly, so he forgets they happened. Through forgetting he is doomed to repeat the same mistakes, and he does. He's a sad little creature, but if you tell him that he'll forget. If you could forget, would you not take advantage of it? Would you live a life of blissful drooling ignorance? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

There is one thing he'll never forget. He hates the perverted chicken. He is one of many nemesi, and would give his pathetic life to end the chicken's. But he forgot how to get to Maplewood, so he wanders...

There, done and done. Send me your mascot and your story, it's bound to be more interesting and cheery than this one.

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Friday, May 12, 2006


So, I unfortunately stumbled upon something that I was lucky enough to miss until now..

Liberation 596

I made out with him last night. And I'll have sex with another on monday. And yet I still tell the other one that I love him.

3 guys. 2 of them just...not f[***] buddies but..something else.
I think that I do it because the one that I think I love isn't here. And while I'm thinking of him all the time, the other 2 I just hook up with them. I don't even want a relationship with them.

This is from I missed the link the first few times I read it. It was in a message that just didn't seem to fit the topics of conversation, I thought, too random. And then I saw it one more time and was curious...

*SIGH* That one seems to fit someone I knew. Only, it can't be them. But I can't help but think, I'm one of the ones with whom a relationship is not desired. She didn't write this, but I hear her voice when I read it. This is not what I needed today. I might have been able to go all day without many thoughts directed to what I miss, but now...

It's time to read...To immerse myself in something that isn't a part of my true existence. Farewell, treasured readers.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Wanna Eat It!!!

The title speaks for itself.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Ok, my new primary blog outlet is now:

If you have a livejournal account, great! Let me know so I can give you access beyond the public eye. If you don't... Well, I can't force you to do anything, can I?

I'm thinking of uses for this blog, one idea is to make it a "Misfit Mascot" blog, where people send in weird little pictures of weird little critters, with weird little stories, and I post them for all to see. I might start by giving Fugglebee a story. So, if you want to send in a picture and/or story, send it to harmonichalo at gmail dot com.[That's right, I'm calling that drooling odd-ball Fugglebee]

So I guess you'll all stay tuned for that, eh? Or not, I'm in a rather down mood, so I'm not caring about much and feeling rather sorry for myself...

"Sometimes no quote is better than a bad quote..."


Alright, so I guess I cannot weather this change without making a change myself. I will begin using live journal shortly, more details to come. Part of the reason is that I have issues I would like to share, but not with the whole world.

Monday, May 01, 2006

To New Endings

Even if you know something will only be brief, it's much easier to enjoy it not looking forward to the ending. But if you're not looking forward, it's also easy to stumble over the abrupt edge...
[Karma was digging a deep hole.]
"To be honest, what kind of relationship could we have had."

True. I need to hold onto this little grain of sand and turn it into a personal pearl, I need to remember this in the future.
The elements respawned their fury upon your departure. Hope your walk home wasn't too miserable.

So, I hope this change doesn't once again cause a burst of useless creativity to come issuing forth from me. I have better things to do, and you obviously have better things to read.
[I noticed she read less, big clue.]
I feel like I really really need someone to talk to... but the person I have always turned to for the last month and a half is the person I cannot talk to anymore. So, I'll bottle it up. I hope it's not volatile, this could be dangerous...
*clink, clink, boom....*

Chemic Automaton

I should make this brief. I have multiple grams of substance sharing my veins. The chemicals flowing through my system are making me think I'm better, I feel calmly confident, even. So I should use this slight burst of productivity to get my ESE230 done. Due midnight...

I have secrets I don't tell anyone. I have even more secrets I don't even tell myself...If you couldn't tell, has new updates.

On a side note, it's time for some vague ambiguous ranting:

So, I'm a little confused right now. And it's not due to my persistent illness, pressing need to study, desire to work on my chat program, or the unusual content of my bloodstream. I'm confused because of a distinct change. That's what the removed block was actually in reference to. A change in someone else... So, I'm going to cease writing now. I was going to share a picture, but it is not letting me upload it.

If you give someone a program, you will frustrate them for a day; if you teach them how to program, you will frustrate them for a lifetime.” ~ Anonymous

My programming lends itself well to my masochism...