Monday, July 31, 2006

Melvin the Mongrel

This is still in progress. I just wanted to post before work, since it's nearly completed.

Why wouldn't he be smiling? He's twelve and has a kickass beard. Oh, and that's how his hair looks when he wakes up in the morning. He gets hit on by high school juniors all the time. And he's the star player on his youth tackle football team. He threw a 30 yard pass to win the championship. The most amazing part was the pass was to himself. Coach said he was just showing off, but they won didn't they?

Life isn't always strip bars and lotto tickets though. He's gone through over a dozen pets. He keeps eating them. It's not his fault they taste better than the green crap his mom puts on his plate. He currently has a lizard, his mom hoped it wouldn't be appetizing, but one of these nights he'll be looking for a quick snack...

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Bloodthirsty Cloud

Here's a brief description of the Bloodthirsty Cloud:

Created in a freak accident by a careless GenChem student, the Bloodthirsty Cloud is one of the more interesting creatures to come out of modern science. Armed with sharp fangs, the Cloud drinks his sustenance in a vampirical fashion, though interestingly enough does not kill his victims, and most recover within a day. Though he cannot speak, he can make a breathy noise that sounds a bit like "cloud", which only other clouds and those closest to him can understand. He spends a good amount of time with his best friend and sidekick, Greg, but still would like a lady-friend to be his companion. Strangely enough, though he is generally nonviolent, most women can't seem to get past the fact that he's a cloud...

Created by the one and only hyper-powered-meerkat, Aarthi. She will be providing a story at some point.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Tic Tac No

Sometimes we like the demographic of our neighborhood. It's a give and take. That smelly meth lab moves out and a nice fatherly gentlemen moves in (he liked something about the basement). Well, sometimes we just don't like it when someone moves in who doesn't belong...

(Wondering where I'm going with this?)

(Yeah, me too...)

You know what the socially awkward always say, nervous laughter is better than no laughter...

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Substitute Debbie

[7-16-06]: Debbie doesn't hesitate to smile, but she's got a mean streak. The paddle should have been your first clue. And the yardstick? It ain't for measuring, it's for long distance woopin'. She secretly thinks modern children are all clones of each other, and does whatever she can to slim the herd. She also wishes aliens would come and wipe out humanity, because she doesn't just see the future...she teaches it.

She's also sextalingual, because that's obviously the sexiest number of languages to speak.
So. I was inspired again. This is something I spent many, many minutes on. It might possibly be one of my best works.

[3:23--Yardstick, nickname, brooch coloring]

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Friday, July 14, 2006


Alright, another piece of art from a skilled individual. This comes generously from the collection of lastlifeinmyuniverse.

Last Journal of norex:
"Beauty is deeper than the skin. The farther we go from the fulsome fleshy figures we are cursed with, the more we approach true beauty. The spirit waits under the malformed bodies of us all. It waits for its release. Diet can get you a short distance. Dehydration can get you further. As I approach my goal, I hope I can make it. If I cease before the end, it is failure. If I cease at the end, it is ultimate success. There is more to shed... this blood I won't be needing anymore. With my final cradle formed, and the waste clinging to my soul being drained away, freedom and perfection approach. At the end it requires no effort, I am too close for it to escape. I am a wondrous creature of unlimited beauty. But there's no room for me in your reality. My success frightens you. The beauty too much for your mind to handle, so it rebels and causes you to interpret me as a disgusting loathsome thing. You're wrong, I've shed my cocoon, it provided no solace for me, I've seen through my own illusions. In my last moments, I'm already an angel."

If you do not like the story, do not blame the artist. I wrote it.

If you like the story, credit the artist. She inspired me.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Finally, a Masscot from someone with actual talent! The art belongs to Madamebogg, feel free to check out her Blog, she likes the visitors. And this picture is no representation of the material presented there, it's usually less grim.

The creation of a scientific mortician. He wanted a child, but never had a better half to make it happen. So he made one, and through sheer desire, and probably more than enough insanity, his creation 'lives'. His daughter, not wanting him to feel different from her, decided to help him get the wonderful lines and stitches she had by chopping him up. Unfortunately she wasn't able to put him back together like he put her together, and he never moved after that day. She's not really happy about that. And there's no cricket hopping around telling her what to do next...

[Update]:I think I perhaps misnamed her initially. I think Madamebogg wanted her named Zombrella.


Thursday, July 06, 2006


Now for one a little different...

She was not a wolf of her own species. She saw the world on a different level. Not everything was about mating, eating, and sleeping. The beauty in nature was unsurpassed, but none of her kind seemed to appreciate it. She was a wolf with a misplaced spirit. She felt, but had no way of knowing, that their race were more respected once, and even treated as equals for hundreds of years. Now they are considered pests and scavengers. She even named herself Selenderia.

Respect the wolves.

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