Saturday, March 29, 2008

Senseless Addictions

Ok, possibly that's too provocative a title for such a relatively harmless post. But if you suffer through it, all the better.

There's this site, They sell things 'on the cheap'. They have a sister-site called They have competitions (derbies) where the fans design shirts that get voted on and if they win they make some money and people get to buy unique shirts. I've bought a few, and today's is especially tempting:

Spring-ATRON R.E.S.U.B.

What I've Bought...

First I'll cover the random shirts I bought. Sometimes they clear out the warehouse with random shirts, I ordered two, and I would again in a heartbeat. The first I'll show was called "Decomposition"
The second one is called "Killer Bees"

And the three I bought intentionally (As in, not randomly).
"Canadian Periodic Table"
"Swimming Koi"
And finally, "Lady out of Water"

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh my goodness, Canadian money is...!

Hopefully the picture speaks for itself, because I, quite frankly, don't feel like saying anything more about it...

(For clarification, it appears Canadian money is about to pass American money in exchange rates.)

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