Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Statement of Purpose...

There was a funny line in here, so I thought I'd share the whole thing. It may seem trite, but I think it was more formality than anything. See if you can find the line that made me chuckle. Or share which line made you chuckle!

********** STATEMENT OF PURPOSE **********
********** FOR MASTER'S DEGREE **********

There are many reasons why I would like to pursue a Master's in Computer Engineering. I feel it compliments my deep interest in computer science with my background in Electrical Engineering. The research I have been participating in as an undergrad is also best placed under the category of "Computer Engineering". In addition to the courses I have already taken at Washington University, there are many more that I have a strong desire to take, given the opportunity.

Pursuing my Masters will give me insight into whether pursuit of a Doctorate is a good aim for me. I have found that I am well-suited to doing research, and would like to continue. The interaction with professors that research allows far exceeds that of a standard classroom environment, and has driven my desire for knowledge beyond where I thought it could be. The Storage Based Supercomputing group at Washington University has inspired me to try new ideas, concepts, and allow myself to be creative in the solutions I obtain while guaranteeing the validity of my results. I feel the time I have spent with them over the course of the past year is only the beginning, and there is much more for me to undertake.

Participating in new challenges that cannot be solved by a simple Google search is an enlightening experience. The growth I've experienced intellectually and academically through the opportunities I've been given and accepted is beyond words. Being able to say that I've not only "learned" but "applied" is something that most people in my position are unable to claim. Through the application of material I've learned, a realization has occurred that I actually understand. This process of complementing my knowledge with experience is a process I am loathe to put an end to.

I believe I would be a good candidate for a few reasons. I have a deep appreciation for the opportunities given to me, and put my best foot forward with every step. I plan on continuing work with the research group I've been working with during the course of the past year. I feel the skills I've demonstrated and developed with my advisors at Washington University can still be improved further, and there is a mutual desire for this improvement to take place.

********* END STATEMENT OF PURPOSE *********

I won't share the line I found funny until you share the line you found funny. (Whoever "you" are...)

There was also a misspelling...