Friday, May 11, 2012


First post from my phone.  Had to install an app.  But my awesome for the day involves the following image.  A single inquiry, from even an anonymous inquirer will yield more details.

...yeah, I think that evening can be categorized as moderately awesome.  And apparently I'm still decent at Street Fighter.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Awesome Can You Be in Thirty Days?

30 days of awesome, by a guy that looks like an ewok!

So, the first day of awesome, I totally took charge of a meeting, involving 12 co-workers, and assigned them discussion topics.  Felt strange, being the freshest of the batch, but kinda awesome...

Second day of awesome?  Went to a Doctor's office!  And as if that weren't enough (which it is) I also finally finished off my massive vat of fried rice!   In the future I will never use five cups of rice again.  Wow.

There may be more awesome to come, and your definitions may vary...

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hypothetically Awkward

A few quick things...

1) They make a super-sized 32oz can of monster.  So if you hear that I perished of heart failure, I probably exceeded the recommended daily dose.  I'd attach a picture or link, but time is limited.

2) I did buy a futon.  I did not put it together...  Also bought a 10$ couch that is absolutely horrendous looking, but it's been doused in disinfectant, and it's somewhat comfy.

3) After viewing an hour long online course/presentation of sexual harassment early in my training, I know that hitting on co-workers is risky business.  But what if I do it hypothetically?  (As follows..)

12:03 PM Greg
Can I speak with you in a hypothetical context?
12:03 PM Srividya
Absolutely! Do you want to do it in the cafe or in a conf room?
12:03 PM Greg
Haha, no, just via chat is fine =)
12:04 PM Srividya
12:04 PM Greg
So, hypothetically, if someone wanted to get to know you better, how would they go about doing that?

Because game night did not work.
12:04 PM Srividya 

12:04 PM Greg
(I mean, _hypothetically_ game night did not work)
12:05 PM Srividya
a) People usually do not want to get to know me better. b) There is nothing much to me, so whoever is interested will be disappointed.
12:05 PM Greg
You're right, there's not much to you...  You probably only weigh 90 pounds...

But it's not what's outside that counts.
12:07 PM Srividya
All niceties...none true. I like to remain an enigma
12:08 PM Greg
Ok.  Nice to know.  Think that's all, thanks! (OK)

(OK) is an emote of two shaking hands. Figured it was appropriate, other options were a rainbow, a star, or a sun...